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Managed Access

Managed Access Control allows us to provide you (our customer) piece of mind that comes with knowing that your security services are being professionally managed, regularly updated and continuously maintained. We minimize or eliminate the top 4 hurdles every individual face when they are implementing a security solution.

These hurdles are:

Infrastructure Expense

A proper access control system can be expensive, in addition to the physical hardware (controllers, card readers, door locks, etc.). There is also the "Head End" cost, of computer(s), software, operating systems and in some cases IT involvement. MAC eliminates this upfront "Head End" cost and also eliminates the added costs for ongoing computer and software maintenance, upgrades and IT involvement by linking the physical hardware to our dedicated MAC servers via a standard internet connection.

Limited Knowledge of Access Control Systems

In the past, access control systems required dedicated software for administration of the systems which required in depth training and regular updates. Therefore, it took a lot of time and effort to continually train and support existing as well as new users on an access control system, and a lack of training could adversely affect the performance and stability of the system. MAC virtually eliminates the time and effort needed to continually train staff on an access control system, the training sessions on the web portal as well as the mobile app can be done within 30 minutes and in most cases can be done over the telephone, eliminating the cost for onsite training sessions.

Maintenance Inefficiencies

Access control systems require regular maintenance, much like anything else. Generally, the systems are neglected until point of failure at which time it becomes a mad scramble to get it fixed. Hardware, such as controllers and card readers, are simple fixes, however software and database corruptions are not and therefore requiring more attention and maintenance on an ongoing basis. To ensure a system is continuously running at its best and free from errors, software needs to be regularly updated and databases need to be maintained and backed-up. MAC provides this service at no additional charge. With MAC we guarantee that we are continuously up to date with the latest software versions and software product offerings, we perform regular database checks and with redundant servers the system is continuously backed up.

Manpower Expense

In today's economy, many customers can't afford to hire a dedicated person to run the security system, so when a system is being implemented the question of who is going to run the system will be asked. In most cases it ends up being added to someone's workload who is already over worked, which then increases the possibility of maintenance inefficiencies and security breaches. MAC can reduce this problem by allowing quick and easy portals through the web client and mobile app, reducing the amount of time someone spends on programming as well as providing them access to the system from anywhere without the need of having to sit down in front of a dedicated PC. In addition, there is always the option to simply call or email us with programming requests which will be administrated by an access control professional in a timely manner.