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Bridge Systems Community Work

"It's all about the kids"

youth hockey playersWhen it comes to sponsorship and charity, we operate on one mandate: if it is for the betterment of children, we’re all in. One of our favourite charities is The BC Children's Hospital. The work they do there is beyond important: they are truly shaping the future by helping families with sick children. When a family can be assisted with the very best care for their child they become happier, healthier and radiate happiness to the world around them.

Our other sponsorships revolve solely around our employees: if they have kids involved in sports or activities that do fund raising, we chip in!

Organizations we have been involved with:


Traditionally one of the most popular activities for boys, we have seen a big increase in participation for girls in the last 20 years. Hundreds of children of our employees have played in the various leagues around Victoria over the years. We regularly sponsor arena advertising or contribute to fund raising for teams to travel.


Growing in popularity, and similar to hockey, we are seeing a shift to more and more participation of boys in what was known as a girl's sport. More and more club teams for children of various ages are cropping up in recent years.

Girl Guides and Brownies

It seems like our office consumes more than a dozen boxes of cookies every year! It might not be good for our collective waistline, but it is a wonderful organization that encourages curiosity and interest in a wide variety of activities.

Boy Scouts and Cubs

Boy Scouts, Cubs and Beavers have always been a great way to engage energetic boys and focus attention to a mix of skill development and physical activities. We are always happy to support the various local “packs”.


Wildly popular, the addition of the Harbour Cats as a stable professional team has meant that young people have a little more inspiration and a little more opportunity to see elite athletes up close.


For many years our company has been supporting the game of softball in our city and on Vancouver Island with many of our employees and their families involved in playing and coaching. We are also a big supporter of the Lambrick Park Baseball & Softball Academy, which is a Collegiate Prep program.

Highland Dance

A deceptively athletic activity, this style of dance has been great for a number of our employee’s children. Coordination and body control are paramount, and the atmosphere of friendly competition and presentation allows for great personal growth.


Virtually unknown as a recreational sport, gymnastics for the sake of physical activity has been continually growing in Victoria for a number of years. Some kids move on to become competitive, most just have fun learning to use their muscles and coordination.